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The Red East Historically… 

Based on artefacts and ancient maps it is suggested that the Dandong region has been inhabited since the Zhou Dynasty which fell between 1046BC and 256BC. The area fell under a variety of jurisdictions throughout several dynasties and in 1876 became known as Andong County. In the Manchukuo era the area where the city lies was known as the capital of the Andong Province. It was briefly occupied by Japan from 1894 at the start of the war.

In 1907 the port of Dandong was opened as a treaty port. Situated at the mouth of the Yalu River, which is also known as the Amnok River, the port is located right on the border between China and North Korea. Major construction on the port of Dandong started in the 1980s and it has since become a major distribution hub for China, as well as a significant alternative to the port of Dalian.

In 1965 the city was renamed as Dandong which means ‘red east’. In 2001 the National Tourism Administration hailed Dandong as ‘Best Tourism City’ and four years later as ‘National Clean City’. 

…And Geographically

Located on the northwest shore of the Yalu River, Dandong lies southeast to Sinuiju and is close to the mouth of the Yalu River. The coastline of Dandong includes two islands, Dalu Island, which means ‘great deer island’ and Xiaomai Island. At its greatest length Dandong spans 196 kilometres and it is 160 kilometres wide. The prefectures bordering Dandong city are Dalian, Liaoyang, Anshan and Benxi. With a humid continental climate Dandong has clearly defined seasons.

Summers are hot and the humidity can be very high. Winters are cold and last around four months of which three weeks are severely cold. It gets a reasonable rainfall spread throughout the year. Dandong has a vibrant tourist trade with thousands of visitors travelling to and through the city. What makes it unique is that all people and goods travelling north have to pass by Dandong.

Noteworthy tourist attractions in Dandong include scenic mountainous surroundings, and a riverside park which is popular with locals and tourists alike. Visit Dandong provides up-to-the-minute information about the city of Dandong and its many attractions.