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Don’t Miss Out on These Attractions

In this section Visit Dandong brings you top tips on what to do and see when visiting Dandong.

In recent years the Yalu River has become a highlight for visitors to Dandong city and for good reason. It is an attraction suitable to young and old and not to be missed. Along the river visitors will find the friendship bridge and the broken bridge – fascinating and well visited destinations. Don’t miss out on taking a river cruise for a complete experience of the river. Other major tourist attractions are the Hushan Great Wall, Jinjiangshan Park, the Korea Memorial Hall and Moon Island. Off the beaten track visitors will find other interesting attractions, like the Jinjiang Mountain, a former Chinese army lookout point which is now the biggest park in the city, and various resorts and hotels located around the healing waters of the Wulongbei Hot Springs. There is also the scenic Wulong mountain area located northwest of Dandong city – a place of great natural beauty with much to see and do. This section will be regularly updated to include information about the city and the surrounding areas, hidden gems and city secrets, with the aim of letting visitors know exactly what to do and where to go when in Dandong.